SLATE-Z believes that residents are the most important asset in any community, and sustainable change requires the involvement and leadership of community members. In order to have informed, inclusive, consistent, and meaningful resident engagement in SLATE-Z’s work, the partnership plans to involve residents at all levels:

    • Dialogue at meetings of Neighborhood Councils, block groups, and events organized by community-based organizations
    • Direct outreach through door knocking, street outreach, website, email, social media, flyering, newspaper ads, and other means

Residents will also be involved in the implementation and governance of SLATE-Z through:

    • the SLATE-Z Resident Advisory Committee (to be formed in 2016). One member of the Resident Advisory Committee will also serve on the SLATE-Z Steering Committee to ensure integration of resident perspectives in the governance of SLATE-Z
    • engagement and leadership of SLATE-Z’s civic engagement campaigns
    • invitations to SLATE-Z partner meetings to seek direct resident input on programming, and
    • events such as free conferences to learn from and train residents on policy issues, gather input, share progress and results, and make strategic improvements

SLATE-Z’s resident engagement work is led by Community Coalition who will collaborate with SLATE-Z community-based partners to involve residents to the greatest degree possible.